Rogue Cadet

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Pitch: Rogue Cadet is a 2D SHMUP/Roguelite game where you fight for the glory of the New Spanish Inquisition (which nobody expected).
In a nutshell:

  1. Fight in a monster-clustered dungeon
  2. Make money
  3. Die
  4. Craft a more awesome ship
  5. Repeat
Oh, and big explosions, don't forget about big explosions.

Team size: 1

Duration: 4 months (full time) (still ongoing). September 2016 - May 2017 (estimated)

Main Roles:

  • Architecture: Code base organization. Research and implementation of appropriate programming patterns. The main goal was to steer away from Singletons and make the code as if it was intended to be used by others. As well as laying a solid foundation to work upon.
  • Gameplay: Implementation of all the features of the game. This includes: ship movement, camera tracking, inputs, dungeon procedural generation, weapons, upgrades, ship configurations, juiciness, and many more.
  • AI: Implementation of the multiple enemy types. This includes: waypoint movement, behaviour switching, weapons patterns, tracking movement (raycasting based), obstacle avoidance, etc...
  • UI: Implementation of all the UI. First, it was the simple in-game GUI (life, cool down, money, etc..). Then it was the inter-game menu, that enables the player to choose his ship and upgrade it.
  • Tools: Implementation of internal tools to ease the content creation. This includes: Room creation (with Tiled2Unity). Bullet patterns (inspired by BulletML). Upgrade system (highly customizable components to make the creation seamless). Save debugging (interface to modify the save for testing purposes, adding money, changing ship, etc..). Various automation tools (delete, save, reset the preferences, format dungeon data, etc...)

Project hindsight: I'm still right into the development so my vision is undoubtedly incomplete. So far, it has been a really challenging experience. One that put my self-motivation to the test like never before. It allows me to grow not only on my core programming skills, but also on a whole range of other domains. Notably: project management, game design, communication, and marketing. So far the feedbacks are mostly positive, but point the repetition and the lack of long term goals. The beta version aims to alleviate those problems.

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Space Brewers

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Pitch: Manage alcoholic brewers to become the leader of the galactic beer market!
Surpass your vicious rivals and face random events that make each game unique.
Build and customize your space brewery to make the most renowned beer in the galaxy!

Team size: 8

Duration: 9 months (part time / hobby). October 2015 - June 2016

Main Roles:

  • Gameplay: Implementation of all the features of the game (except the room editor and the camera). This includes: resource management, mission system, furniture building, game event system, game feedbacks, tutorial, general game flow, etc...
  • AI: Implementation of the "brewers", it was through them that most of the game was happening. This includes: path finding, "free" will (Finite state machine), alcohol addiction, game actions (building, repairing, destroying), etc...
  • UI: Implementation of all the UI. This game being a management game, almost all the controls were done with the UI. This includes: Brewers orders, resource management, missions, events, notifications, etc...
  • Tools: Implementation of tools for the game designer to easily create and modify content. This includes: a rather advanced event system (enables to control probability, resource conditions, player answers, timing, rewards, and the possibility to chain events), mission system (much like the event system it gives a lot of control), in-game cheating tool. And also a sound plugin to work with FMOD easily.
  • Game Design: I helped the main game designer throughout the project. This includes: initial concept, brainstorming, features definitions, document writing, team communication, additional game writing (tutorial, event, missions).

Project hindsight: This was project was the "graduation" game (big project during last year). It enabled me to work with talented people from multiple sections. The biggest problem with this project fits in one word: scope. It was massively over-scoped. The school goal was to have a 10 min game, which was incompatible with our game concept right from the start (but of course we realised that much later). This led to a constant self-imposed crunch period that put my endurance to the test. In the end, even if the gameplay result was mitigated, the amount of work we've put in it, as well as the of the volume of features and content developed was praised.

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Drugs Attack

Links: - Playable Web Page - Github repo -

Pitch: Chase and eat hallucinogenic mushrooms in this neo-minimalist FPS.
Eating makes you stronger but it has some "side" effects...

Team size: 2

Duration: 1 month (school / hobby). October 2015

Main Roles:

  • Gameplay: Implementation of some features: Weapon (aim, shoot), particles, basic movement, score, player life, drug eating (not the effects), game flow, sounds, etc...
  • AI: Implementation of a basic AI that goes toward the player.
  • UI: Implementation of all the UI this includes: Life and drug bars, score, main title, death screen, etc...
  • Sound Design Recording of all the sounds with my voice and Audacity

Project hindsight: This was a "side" school project. It had little grade importance since we were working for our main last year's project at the same time. We still decided to make a complete (even if simple) game. It was made using Babylon.js a JavaScript game engine. It was the occasion to work with a "low level" game framework (as in no GUI at all, and basic features). Being two devs with very limited artistic talent, we went for a minimalist approach. We had good feedback for this project, both for the game itself (complete, one mechanic centered, particular tone, and bug-free) and for the code (clear, DRY, and OO design)

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